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From: Nigel Metheringham <>
Date: Fri, 03 Jan 1997 09:37:57 +0000 said:
} Is this a linux feature or a function of most operating systems? I'm
} wondering how to handle the property-based packet filtering, it sounds
} like a kernel level modification, or perhaps through libpcap? I know
} you can use libpcap to do property-based packet filtering before the
} packets reach the application layer, but can it also selectively
} remove packets (ie, intercept and remove from the protocol stack)? It
} would be an intriguing experiment, I suspect.

Its a linux feature, part of the firewall code. It might be in the recent
BSD variations since the original firewall code started there, but I guess
not since so many major changes were made to the linux code. said:
} What facilities does linux provide to do this, whach kernel version is
} required, i was looking at doing something similar by hacking the IP
} code in the kernel but this sounds much better ....

In 2.0.x kernels you can take all forwarded packets matching a particular
mask (say something like source to 0/0) and redirect them
to a specified local port. A proxy listening on that port can then take
the connection, check the end points (using getsockname()), and deal with
the connection.

You need to build a curent kernel with firewalling options,
TRANSPARENT_PROXY support and use ipfwadm 2.3 to setup the firewall rules

Further info can be found at

There is also something called IP filter which I am told can do similar
things. but I have not used it:-


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