Squid config idea

From: Simon Amor <simon@dont-contact.us>
Date: Sat, 4 Jan 1997 07:03:24 +0000

How about a simple text-based configure script similar to the
linux kernel one ?

Admittedly it wouldn't cover everything, but it could be written
in such a way as to change some of the more common items. I'm
not volunteering, just suggesting (although I may take a look
and see how easy it is if I get time).

Suggested options to modify:

http_port 3128
icp_port 3130
cache_mem 16
cache_swap 100
cache_dir /usr/local/squid/cache
emulate_httpd_log off
quick_abort off
cache_mgr <enter email address>
visible_hostname <enter hostname>
logfile_rotate 10
append_domain <enter domain name> (automatically put . at
                                    the start if they miss it)

y/n type questions for some default ttl_patterns (or whatever
the tag is now)

'do you wish to limit clients ?' - enter IP address and netmask
and setup some default ACLs.


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