Spare a minute for lost & confused?

From: Kate Patterson <>
Date: Wed, 08 Jan 1997 15:32:44 +0000

I am running a small (cache_mem 2; cache_swap 25), Squid 1.1.3 cache to
develop my own project. It seems to be running ok, and I try to
follow the digests, but I wonder if anyone could answer the following:

1 Where can I find some documentation so I can better understand
        the logs and diagnostics (I have read release notes etc) ?

2 Very few objects are ever IN_MEMORY - is this because of the
        small size?

3 EVERYTHING expired 27Y ago.

I have run a previous version of Squid with none of these problems

Am I correct in thinking that the MENU_SHOW_LOG and REMOVE_OBJECT (for
cache manager options) are not defined anywhere? If they are, where?
I've just hacked them in but there must be a neater way to allow access
to logs etc through cachemgr as the option is there ...

Thanks in anticipation

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