Re: What does these log-fields mean?

From: Tom Minchin <>
Date: Sat, 11 Jan 1997 11:15:30 +1100 (EST)

> The first four fields in cache/log:
> 000099ae 32ce9aa6 ffffffff 32b9d76a
> 0000199c 32ad5fa7 fffffffe 32ad5db8
> I know that the first field is the filename. What is the algoritm for
> getting to this file in the cache-hierarchy based on the name?
To find a file within the cache directory (occasionally stuff on the web
vanishes - such as - and I have to dig
it out of our cache manually), this is how it works on the default tree:

00024601 32d6da7d fffffffe 32a72d4b
= /usr/local/squid/cache/01/60/00024601

If the directory has a leading 0, it's not display in the log file. Letters
are lowercase in the log file but uppercase on the filesystem
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