Re: Auto-Squidding

From: Duane Wessels <>
Date: Mon, 13 Jan 97 11:37:03 -0800 writes:

>} Is it possible to configure Squid to automatically cache all incoming
>} data without having users turn proxy on in their browser configuration -
>} in other words make the cache transparent to the users ?
>I am not meaning to rant at you in particular, but this seems to be coming
>up twice a week now. If we want to cache WWW stuff, surely we should also
>be interested in caching and reusing all this great mailing list info
>rather than repeating ourselves peating ourselves repeating ourselves
>repeating ourselves repeating ourselves.

Yes, this question has been asked a lot. I've been telling people
to try adding

     httpd_accel virtual 80

in conjunction with the Linux feature which redirects outbound request
to a TCP port. I have not heard if this really works for not. Can
anyone confirm it?

Would anyone like to write up a FAQ entry describing how to do this?

Duane W.
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