Re: Auto-Squidding

From: Nigel Metheringham <>
Date: Mon, 13 Jan 1997 17:04:27 +0000

} I am a relatively new Squid user, and am presently playing with
} squid-1.1.beta28 on a Linux 2.1.5 kernel.

You ought to upgrade this to 1.1.3 (also you'll need to upgrade the kernel
for transparent proxying, I believe).

} Is it possible to configure Squid to automatically cache all incoming
} data without having users turn proxy on in their browser configuration -
} in other words make the cache transparent to the users ?

I am not meaning to rant at you in particular, but this seems to be coming
up twice a week now. If we want to cache WWW stuff, surely we should also
be interested in caching and reusing all this great mailing list info
rather than repeating ourselves peating ourselves repeating ourselves
repeating ourselves repeating ourselves.

On the Squid home page:-
there is a link to searchable archives of the mailing list:-


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