Re: FAQ? authenticated ftp.

From: RHS Linux User <>
Date: Tue, 14 Jan 1997 23:44:11 +0100

I know that I implemented this several months ago (at version
1.0beta11). I don't know if it ever got into the official squid.

Anyway, I'll attach the old patch, just in case.... (I don't currently
have a squid nearby to check this on). It probably won't apply cleanly
to the current Squid, but might give a idea how it can be implemented if
it isn't...

The old patch description:
        Use basic authentication on non-anonymous ftp
        requests without a password. This is to avoid
        having the password in cleartext all over the
        cache... (cached objects, status pages, log
        A request on the form ftp://user@host/... needs
        to be authenticated with basic authentication

At 00:21 08/01/97 -0500, Andrew Gillham wrote:
>I am wondering if the squid developers plan to support authenticated
>ftp gets? In particular, I have users that need to access ftp sites
>with a userid/password via Netscape. Using a Netscape proxy server

Jonathan Larmour answered:
> Ummm.. If you're asking what I'm thinking, doesn't squid already
> do this,
> e.g.

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