again: multiple cache_dirs

From: Andreas Reeh <>
Date: 15 Jan 1997 00:21:00 +0200

Hi *Squiders*,

please help, since squid 1.1 is caching so fine, my disk will be full in a
few days !
I renember that some time ago somebody here asked for multiple cache_dirs
and cache_swap and / or increasing the size of one. Someone other than
explained, that something wouldn't work because auf the "log"-file in the

Could somebody PLEASE explain this once again for me ?

Or other: As I said, my disk will soon be full and I need to add much more
diskspace for squid by adding a new disk. I now need exactely to know what
can I do and what I can not do, and how I can do it :)

At the moment I have:

cache_dir /var/cache/squid-1.1
cache_swap 1536

I think I will buy an additional 4 GB disk for squid only. Then I want to
use these new 4 GB + the old 1,5 GB for Squid.

Is this possible, if yes how ?
Important: I need to keep the old 1,5 GB cached data !!! (ip traffic is
very expensive here in Germany :-(

I would be SOOO happy if somebody could give me a good solution for this
problem !!!

And Duane or whoever updates the FAQ: Could you please add this to the FAQ
? This would be a great help for others with the same problem.

Many TIA,

ps: sorry for asking so much "stupid" questions all the time, but as you
sure renember, everyone starts with smaller knowledge and must learn.

Andreas Reeh = * 51545 Waldbroel * Germany * PGP welcome
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