Re: again: multiple cache_dirs

From: Karl Ferguson <>
Date: Wed, 15 Jan 1997 09:23:37 +0800

At 12:21 AM 1/15/97 +0200, Andreas Reeh wrote:
>I renember that some time ago somebody here asked for multiple cache_dirs
>and cache_swap and / or increasing the size of one. Someone other than
>explained, that something wouldn't work because auf the "log"-file in the
>Could somebody PLEASE explain this once again for me ?

I asked about this before. Basically, if you have multiple cache_dir
entries then squid will make the cache equally divided over those enteries.
For example:

cache_dir /usr/cache
cache_dir /usr/local/cache
cache_swap 500

This means that 250meg will go into each directory. Unfortunately there's
no option for specifying how many megabytes are for that particular
cache_dir yet - and I'm not sure if that feature will be added.

If you have a 1gig disk already, and want to get a 4gig -vthe best way to do
this would be to create one cache_dir on your 1gig disk and four cache_dir's
on your 4gig disk (in seperate directories of course).



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