again: multiple cache_dirs

From: Andreas Reeh <>
Date: 16 Jan 1997 01:03:00 +0200


thanx to all who answerd already!

If I understand the it right, the problem is always that the structure of
the sub cache_dirs would change and the Log would contain wrong data and
thats the reason why the old cached data cannot be used, right?

Until future releases of squid will handle this on a better way
(I strongly hope this will change ! I like squid very much, but this
behavior is really very bad, it must be at least possible to add more
cache_swap !) , would it be possbile to change the cache_swap size and /
or add additional cache_dirs AND keeping the old data, when we use a
script to convert the directory structure and the Log-file ?

If yes, could please somebody write this script ?
(I can't, I would do so if I could, but my knowledge of scripts and unix
in general is unfortantly still to poor :(


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