Re: Curious ftp problem with squid 1.1.3

From: Christian Krackowizer <>
Date: Fri, 17 Jan 1997 08:33:22 +0100

At 11:00 17.01.97 +1100, you wrote:
>> wessels writes:
>> >So it would be interesting to try changing DEFAULT_MIME_TYPE in
>> >ftpget.c and see if that fixes this problem. Meanwhile, everyone can
>> >argue about which content type should be the default.
>> So after a couple days of violent debating, I counted the following:
>> text/plain: 1 vote
>> octet-stream: 5 votes
>> both: 1 vote
>Hurm, I assumed that everyone would be sensible and set the default
>mime type to be a displayable format. If it's gabage, all the user
>has to do is click 'back' and then hold shift while selecting the
>link, which will then let them save the contents of the link to
>a file. This works on NS and MSIE.

I missed the start of the discussion but reading all the stuff, I found the
explanation of a behaveiour which I noticed within the last 2 weeks.
As I installed a plugin (keyview) and 1.1.3 at the same time, I thought,
reading ftp'ed files into the viewer was caused by the installation of this
Now, if I read it right, the reason is (was) a change in squid.
In Europe, the internet lines a really slow between 10 a.m. and 8 p.m. I
only click onto the item which I want to download and often leave the room
for doing something different. What a surprise coming back and 'viewing'
the file!
So I will vote for octet-stream too.


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