Re: Curious ftp problem with squid 1.1.3

From: Peter Wemm <>
Date: Fri, 17 Jan 1997 19:20:27 +0800

Christian Krackowizer wrote:
> At 11:00 17.01.97 +1100, you wrote:
> >> >So it would be interesting to try changing DEFAULT_MIME_TYPE in
> >> >ftpget.c and see if that fixes this problem. Meanwhile, everyone can
> >> >argue about which content type should be the default.
> >>
> >> So after a couple days of violent debating, I counted the following:
> >>
> >> text/plain: 1 vote
> >> octet-stream: 5 votes
> >> both: 1 vote

Is it practical to add an option to ftpget to add support for
one or both of the following:

1: an option to specify an apache-style mime.types file where extentions
are matched and the mime types returned, possibly with a wildcard for a
default "unknown" file
2: invent a new regexp based "mime type rule file" where ftpget intuits
the mime type based on the regexp rulesets. This would allow assinging
text/plain to README etc, while an apache/ncsa-style mime.types file would

Since the ftpget/squid combination is effectively converting ftp-style
access into http-style access, I don't think it can afford to fly blind.
Browsers do extention -> mime type extrapolation when doing ftp
themselves directly, but seem to ignore their own rules and take the
proxy's word for it when using squid for ftp.

Hmm, I wonder if this is why I'm seeing a phenomenally high rate of users
aborting ftp transfers? Perhaps they are clicking on the ftp url's and
it's presenting them as text..

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