Re: Curious ftp problem with squid 1.1.3

From: John Saunders <>
Date: 17 Jan 1997 11:42:01 GMT

I did a few quick checks of what Netscape does. If Netscape doesn not know
what the content type is, it loads and _displays_ the file. If you then
look at the "Document Info" it has tagged the file as being of MIME type
"application/x-unknown-content-type". However a few quick hacks with the
web server to make it return this MIME type for a file causes Netscape
to still _display_ the file, but the "Document Info" now says that
the MIME type is "Currently Unknown"!

I'm leaning towards the text/plain simply so that unknown documents get
displayed (or at least are attempted to be displayed). Although I don't
know how safe the file is from corruption when somebody does a shift
click to download a binary file.

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