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From: Martin Ibert <>
Date: Tue, 21 Jan 1997 07:55:54 +0100

Brad Dixon wrote:

> -------> dupe image send this warning url ->
> URL -----> squid -----> database client
> -------> No Dupe -------------------------->
> Make any bloody sense ??

Whether the sense is bloody is not for me to decide ...

I understand you'll be making the decision based only on the URL, not on
the contents of the page. If so, I'd think an URL redirector should be

URL -> squid -> client
        | ^
        v |

The redirector gets the URL from squid and looks it up in this database.
It then decides to either let the transfer go through as it is, or
substitute another URL (the "warning") one instead.

Check out the 1.1 release notes (small excerpt follows). Maybe this is
all you need.

URL Redirector
Squid now has the ability to rewrite requested URLs. Implemented
as an external process (similar to a dnsserver), Squid can be
configured to pass every incoming URL through a 'redirector' process
that returns either a new URL, or a blank line to indicate no change.

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