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From: Brad Dixon <>
Date: Tue, 21 Jan 97 17:45:57

>Brad Dixon wrote:
>> URL -----> Squid ------> Parse through program --------> client
>Um ... any chance you could enlighten us as to what you are trying to
>achieve, and why? Are you trying to censor the content your clients are
>going to see, or are you trying to measure data for billing purpose? Are
>you trying to spy on your clients? Or what?

 This is the senerio ...

I have a new database system that I have incorperated and want to set up a system for
some graphic designers to have images in there clients URL's entered into the database
and scaned for dupes before they recieve them on their browser if there is a dupe the
image is transposed on to a new html ducement and sent to them instead .. They need it
for some type of copywrite scheam they are running. the flow chart would be as follows -

                                     -------> dupe image send this warning url ->
   URL -----> squid -----> database client
                                     -------> No Dupe -------------------------->

 Make any bloody sense ??


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