Howdy all

From: Brad Dixon <>
Date: Tue, 21 Jan 97 10:04:49

 I thought this might be the appropriate place to see if anyne knoows off the
following... Perhaps someone has written some sort of code to do this.. :

 I would like to be able to pass all fetched URL's through another program before the
user recieves them I don't know if I am brobing in the right place by trying to use squid
for this.. But I thought you guy's might be able to ponder on this thought for a moment
and either tell me that I'm pointing in the right direction or just a raving lunie.. :)

 So basically it will look like this

      URL -----> Squid ------> Parse through program --------> client

 Any referneces ideas or what ever would be greatly appreciated.. And I will see what I
can wip up to achieve this...

 Thanx in advance Brad.

Kind Regards
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