Re: Req: Hardware req'd for Cache?

From: Jiri T. Pelech <>
Date: Tue, 21 Jan 1997 10:11:17 +0100 (MET)

On Tue, 21 Jan 1997, Tim Carlier wrote:

> I'm looking for some more info on 'specs' if you like on what would be a
> good starting point in terms of hardware to build a Squid cache. It has
> been recommended to us to build a cache around 6-10GB, but am unsure as the
> type of hardware to run it on, i.e. Pentium/PPro and how much RAM to go
> with it. I'm intending to run it on Linux. Can anyone suggest what may be
> a good starting platform? -Thanks.

Well, we use Pentium 150, 80 MB RAM, 2 GB HDD (1 GB for cache space) and I
think this configuration is quite reasonable for approx. 10,000 users per
hour. The memory seems to be just enough (there is still about 1 Meg free
RAM available there), the average processor load is just about 10 %, so I
think P 120 would do it, too.
And, yes - Squid 1.1.0 on Linux 2.0.27 at the moment.
Now, we plan to add one more disk because 1 Gig doesn't seem to suffice.
So I'd recommend it'd be better to start with about 3 to 4 GB HDD.

Jiri Pelech
Received on Tue Jan 21 1997 - 02:17:09 MST

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