Re: Proxy of large files

From: Jaye Mathisen <>
Date: Tue, 21 Jan 1997 10:43:06 -0800 (PST)

On Tue, 21 Jan 1997, Duane Wessels wrote:

> Yes, this problem does still exist. Its one of the reasons to
> switch to the disk-only storage model.
> Does anyone have good or bad things to say about the 'NOVM' version
> of squid-1.1.4? Does anyone think that switching over to the disk-only
> approach is the wrong thing to do?

Hmph. I would think that any fairly modern OS, especially those using a
UBC would run just fine in the NOVM version. Truly hot pages would stay
wired in by the cache, and the rest would stay on disk where they belong.

As long as the proxy server machine didn't get some other process running
that forced the FS cache to shrink, I would think it would work just fine.

I think I'll fire it up on my site to see.
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