Re: How much memory is enough?

From: Serge Krashakov <>
Date: Wed, 22 Jan 1997 11:26:14 +0300 (MSK)

Antony Tovar <> wrote:

> I am currently running Squid 1.1.0 on Linux 2.0.0, as a departmental Proxy
> Server (60 users), on a 486 with 16MB of RAM. I need to recommend a system
> to act as the parent cache for the entire organization. I would like
> to use an inexpensive (and easily repaired) Intel clone, such as a
> Pentium 133, with a 2GB SCSI hard drive, and Linux.
> My question is: how much memory is enough? The standard for most of
> our new desktops is already 32MB. By varying the "cache_mem" setting in my
> department's SQUID.CONF, I seem to be able to limit the memory usage to the
> available RAM, thus avoiding the disk memory-swap-file. But I have seen
> some messages referring to Squid's "continual increase" in memory usage,
> over time. Does this mean Squid needs to be re-started on some sort of
> regular basis? Is the amount of RAM used a function of proxy disk cache
> size, number of simultaneous users, or both? Can we install this
> simplified system (P133,32MB RAM, 2GB disk) and "force" Squid to run in
> less than 32MB of memory? If we force it, and 32MB isn't "enough",
> what will be the consequence, (only) slow performance or something more
> drastic?

I'm running regional cache server serving about 1500 requests per hour
(1 per second in peak time) on P5/120-FreeBSD with 32MB RAM and 2GB disk
without any problem (old version squid-1.0.18).

Serge Krashakov
Received on Wed Jan 22 1997 - 00:49:21 MST

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