Re: How to optimize cacheing

From: Jonathan Larmour <>
Date: Fri, 24 Jan 1997 18:32:32 +0000

At 12:26 24/01/97 -0500, Carmine Di Biase wrote:
> Has anyone achieved more that .39 cache efficiency?
> This is maximun. Average is .26
> Our cache size is 4Mb but almost never is used for
>more than 2Mb.
> we tried a lot of refresh patterns but it looks like that
> refresh_pattern . 30 80% 40320
> worked better.
> I'm not sure how can I increase this performance, but I
>would like your advice, tips, eng. analysis and whatever methods
>might help. Our Bandwith is going to collapse and our PTT+Int'l
>carrier needs at least 2 month to upgrade it

80% is quite a high factor for _everything_. The real problem is the size
of your cache. You really need to be devoting hundreds of megabytes to your
cache to get it to work well I'm afraid :-(. But then disks are cheap these
days at least.

Then you would also reduce your 80% figure to maybe 50% for html files.
With squid 1.1 this isn't as bad as all that because even if the object is
"stale", it won't be removed, and when next requested it will use a very
small Get-If-modified-since request, which will use very little bandwidth
if the object hasn't changed.

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