Re: static const char *o_iconsuffix

From: Duane Wessels <>
Date: Fri, 24 Jan 97 12:40:59 -0800 writes:

>Is there anyway that the values of :
>static const char *o_iconsuffix
>static const char *o_iconprefix
>could be definable in squid.conf instead of being hardcoded into ftpget.c
>in the future ?

You can set these with 'ftpget_options' in squid.conf.

usage: ftpget options filename host path A,I user pass
        -c num[:delay] Max connect attempts and retry delay
        -l num[:delay] Max login attempts and retry delay
        -r num[:delay] Max restart attempts and retry delay
        -t seconds Idle timeout
        -n seconds Negative TTL
        -p path Icon URL prefix
        -s .ext Icon URL suffix
        -h Convert to HTTP
        -a Do not show password in generated URLs
        -A Do not show login information in generated URLs
        -H hostname Visible hostname
        -R DON'T get README file
        -w chars Filename width in directory listing
        -W Wrap long filenames
        -C min:max Min and max port numbers to used for data
        -D dbg Debug options
        -P port FTP Port number
        -b Maximum bytes/sec rate
        -v Version

Duane W.
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