How to optimize cacheing? (II)

From: Carmine Di Biase <>
Date: Fri, 24 Jan 1997 17:29:15 -0500

        Sorry for all typos in the previus message:

        The Facts:

        4Gigabytes (not 4Megabytes) cache space
        2Gigabytes (not 2Megabytes) maximun cache size occupancy

        Server Pentium 133Mhz BSDI 64Mb Ram

        Peak requests/hour ~ about 14000
        MEan requests/hour ~ about 9000

        11 redirectors
         5 DNS servers

        (it looks like there is no need for more of these)

        IPcache size 2048 elements

        refresh_pattern . 30 80% 40320
        Average cache efficiency .29 (not .26)

        Answers from my previous question showed cache
        efficiencies of 43% and 60% in other sites.


        Carmine Di Biase

Sometime in the past Myself wrote:
> Has anyone achieved more that .39 cache efficiency?
> This is maximun. Average is .26
> Our cache size is 4Mb but almost never is used for
>more than 2Mb.
> we tried a lot of refresh patterns but it looks like that
> refresh_pattern . 30 80% 40320
> worked better.
> I'm not sure how can I increase this performance, but I
>would like your advice, tips, eng. analysis and whatever methods
>might help. Our Bandwith is going to collapse and our PTT+Int'l
>carrier needs at least 2 month to upgrade it

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