Changing Mime Header on Receiving

From: Mario Sergio Fujikawa Ferreira <>
Date: Sat, 25 Jan 1997 03:58:15 -0200 (EDT)

Dear Guys,

        This is out of topic.
        Here is the scene:

        I need to access a cgi written in perl that is returning a html page, it's a University Entrace Exam result database.
        However, it's returning application/x-perl as its mime type.
        Interesting enough is the fact that netscape handles this mime type by asking the user for an application to run.
        Here it goes: Everything goes fine for all browsers, but netscape.
        I know that it is a problem that should be handled by the idiot that coded the cgi.
        However, I can't wait that to happen.
        My users are complaining about that. I can't tell all of them to use notepad as the application for this type.

        Here it was I want:
        I need this page to be accessible for some days, then I don't care anymore.
        Is there any way I could hack the squid server to switch all application/x-perl to text/html. I guess nobody will be executing perl scripts through the web. At least, not my users and, for sure, not within this period of time.
        Is that possible? Maybe hacking the mime.c code.
        Duane ... could you shed some light over this issue please?

                Mario Ferreira.
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