Re: Removed xx objects

From: Andreas Reeh <>
Date: 25 Jan 1997 17:31:00 +0200

Hi *Duane*,

thanks for your answer.

you wrote on 24 Jan 97 at 12:04 in "Re: Removed xx objects":

>>I am using squid 1.1.5, cache_swap is 1536, cache_swap_low 80 and
>>cache_swap_high 83, so purge mode should only be entered, when the cache
>>has 1536 * 0.83 = 1274.88 MB reached, right ? But acording to the cachemgr
>>output my cache is only at 1016 MB.

>Check your cachemgr info for a line like this:
>{ Storage LRU Expiration Age: 364.01 days}

Yes, this like is present

>Objects which have not been used for that amount of time are
>removed as a part of the regular maintenance. You can
>set your own LRU Expiration Age value with 'reference_age' in
>the config file.

Yes, I know, but I have not set reference_age and none of the objects in
my cache can be so old, that it has not been used for 364.01 days, my
cache ins only running for 5 1/2 Weeks now!


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