Re: Squid and MS

From: Ed Knowles <>
Date: Mon, 27 Jan 1997 22:02:47 -0400

G'day All!

Oskar Pearson wrote:
> Subject: Re: Squid and MS
> Greg Mallett wrote:
> > Is it me or is there something funny going on with the Microsoft site.
> > Whenever I connect to the MS site, I get a *Connection reset by peer*
> > message. On reloading it usually comes through just fine.
> Is squid perchance keeping the fact that a connection failed previously in
> it's cache for the "minimum" time it is supposed to cache pages?

Squid will cache failed requests for negative_ttl minutes, which is set in
squid.conf. The default is five minutes.
> (The SABC (originator of the original message) gets their link through us,
> but are not using us as a parent or a neighbor... so it's not that our
> caches are serving messed pages to them.)

As an aside, why don't they parent to you?


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