Squid ported to OS/2

From: Peter Meerwald <seawood@dont-contact.us>
Date: Tue, 28 Jan 97 20:43:23 +0100

I have ported Squid 1.1 beta 28 to OS/2 using the GCC/EMX environment which is available on ftp-os2.nmsu.edu/unix/squid11a.zip and ftp.very.priv..at/squid/squid11a.zip.

Are there any (legal or whatever) steps required?
Is there a kind of 'Squid plattform' page on the web?

Any interest to merge my patches into the 'official' Squid distribution? patches are only minimal (< 20 #ifdefs).

As I learnt by now, Squid OS/2 is running stable on about 20 machines...

Thanks for your patience...

Peter Meerwald Schieástandstr. 3
seawood@very.priv.at A-5061 Elsbethen/Austria
                                                         fon/fax 43-662-627509
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