Squid wo DNS How do you specify local hosts

From: <Martin_Clemens/OM_RS@dont-contact.us>
Date: Wed, 29 Jan 97 16:35:22 +0100


I am trying to configure a squid (1.1.5) running on HP-UX 9.04
to do the following.

I want to use it as a "first level" proxy in various locations
which have a single parent proxy (Netscape) which is connected to
the internet.

I need to cache local requests, but don't want them to be satisfied
by the (Netscape) Proxy to the outer world.

We do not run an internal DNS Server, so our hosts are all resolved
by /etc/hosts. So we don't have an internal domainname, which I
could enter in the inside_firewall tags in squid.conf.

I tried various things like
specifying hostnames or just a .
sprecifying IP-Networks.

Nothing seems to work, everything is sent to the Netscape
Proxy, which itself sends it out to the next proxy in the

How do I configure it so that local requests can be satisfied and cached

by a squid proxy.

C. Martin
Received on Wed Jan 29 1997 - 22:06:37 MST

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