Re: can I run httpd beside squid?

From: Stephane Bortzmeyer <>
Date: Mon, 03 Feb 97 10:09:52 +0100

On Sunday 2 February 97, at 15 h 39, the keyboard of Christoph Kukulies
<> wrote:

> I'm new to using squid and I havn't yet got it working. I'm running
> a FreeBSD-3.0-current machine which acts as an ISDN router to the internet
> and behind that ISDN router I'm running a private network

Fine, except that FreeBSD-current is a development version. Why not using
a stable one? You like danger?
> 1) I assume I name a cache_host being in the Internet rather than my
> gateway (localhost from the view of squid). What type of server
> does this have to be? Is it sufficient if a httpd is running there?

Nothing to do with a regular HTTP daemon like Apache's httpd.
"cache_host" specifies a parent cache, typically another Squid. If you
don't have one, don't configure one. Read the documentation about parent
caches and cache hierarchies:
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