Re: some servers (M$ ^H) have problems with proxy

From: Christoph Kukulies <>
Date: Mon, 3 Feb 1997 20:32:16 +0100 (MET)

> Hi, Christoph told about his first squid:
> >
> > One purpose of installing the squid cache/proxy server was to
> > allow a colleague sitting at e WinNT4.0 box in my local 192.168.1
> > network allow to do some registration at M$.
> >
> > Everything went fine up to a certain point when MSIE3.01 failed to
> > get a certain URL:443 (was the error).
> >
> > We called up M$ in Ireland and they told us - they seemed to know about
> > their problems with proxies (BTW, netscape could retrieve the URL

To avoid a misunderstanding here: I meant ..Netscape *couldn't* retrieve
the URL either.

> > over squid either) - to use a different port.
> Hmm, one of our clients experienced troubles doing SSL over squid
> (with MSIE3.0c? WIN) while others accessed the same site (trough the
> same set of squids) using Netscape 3.01. I had'nt seen the MSIE configuration
> (maybe there is something not straighforward in the proxy setup?),
> but the problem seems browser specific, not server dependent.
> Or this is an other problem?
> > Now I'm stuck. What port do they mean? I have
> >
> > 3128
> Maybe they mean lower port number to use!?

But which one? I think their advice wasn't qualified anyway. Meanwhile
I heard from M$ that they knew about the problem and gave up insisting
on doing the registration online with MSIE. Asked me to send the info
via email :-O

> > in the proxy entry of the WinNT MSIE3.0 which seemed to work fine so far with
> > everything else. It just seems that it cannot get certain URLS.
> Andrew (Endre "Balint" Nagy) <>

--Chris Christoph P. U. Kukulies
Received on Mon Feb 03 1997 - 11:40:34 MST

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