Re: Transfer Interrupted message

From: James R Grinter <>
Date: Wed, 5 Feb 1997 23:25:03 +0000

On Wed 5 Feb, 1997, Bill Wichers <> wrote:
>Transfer Interrupted!
>It returns this document *before loading* the real page, yet this document

I've seen this - It's happening as a result of the server sending
a redirection (accessing Microsoft shows this up as it's about
two redirections before you get to a real document). Squid slaps the
message on the end, because the browser saw the redirection and gave
up trying to fetch the rest of the document.

I've not dug deeply as to why, though I expected it to go away
with stopping appending abort messages onto the end of transfers.

It *might* be because the redirection message doesn't have any body
part at all (old servers used to send one for backwards compatibility)
so Squid puts the error message there when Netscape abruptly closes
the connection.

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