Re: Squid on Alpha - DNS problems.

From: Don Lewis <>
Date: Fri, 7 Feb 1997 05:38:55 -0800

On Feb 6, 9:10am, Duane Wessels wrote:
} Subject: Re: Squid on Alpha - DNS problems.
} Every time someone complains about DNS on OSF, I have to ask if
} they installed Vixie's BIND on their system. The BIND install
} will overwrite your system /usr/inc/arpa/inet.h with a version
} which breaks on OSF.
} Your arpa/inet.h should say:
} unsigned int inet_addr __P((const char *));

But if you change this back, doesn't this break things if you link with
the libresolv.a included in this BIND distribution? In that library,
inet_addr() is defined as:

        register const char *cp;

I'd expect things not to work if this routine returns a long and the
caller is only expecting an int.

                        --- Truck
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