From: WorldLink Communication <>
Date: Sun, 09 Feb 1997 19:17:23

According to the Squid FAQ:

> Other problems: Because it now only logs IP-addresses the use of a
> parent or sibling doesn't work correctly anymore. The parent or
> sibling itself logs the URL by name not by IP. These URL's are
> different so no cache HIT occurs.

I would like to set up transparent caching along with a caching
hierarchy consisting of one parent and 4 offsprings. The FAQ states
that the parent or sibling doesn't work as the parent or sibling
logs the URL by name not by IP. But, if the parent is also set up
for transparent caching and thus should log URLs by IP as well,
would the hierarchy work? What do you think?

Can I also achieve transparent caching by configuring my router
(which connects the LAN to Internet) to redirect all port 80
requests to the proxy server port? I guess this is what the
solution in the FAQ actually does, right? What if I block all
outgoing port 80 requests altogether and thus force users to use
(configure) the proxy? Would this work? Please advise.


Dileep Agrawal

Received on Sun Feb 09 1997 - 19:02:36 MST

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