Re: Multiprocessor machines and Squid

From: Oskar Pearson <>
Date: Tue, 11 Feb 1997 21:31:05 +0200 (GMT)

Bill Wichers wrote:
> Just curious about this: If Squid is run on a multiprocessor machine will
> *Squid* recoginize and use the xx number of processors in the machine? I
> know the OS will use the processors to handle multiple OS type things, but
> will Squid itself be able to split its processes up among the multiple
> processors?

Squid is a single process, and with most "SMP" type multiprocessor machines
it won't benefit. They may benefit in having a processor "just for disk io"
though I doubt that this is much of an improvement. (Stewart Forster) is running multiprocessor ultrasparcs
very successfully (200 000 hits per hour)

He is running a really modified squid though, but when I last mailed him
he said that he would be submitting the patches to Duane...


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