ftpget and 302

From: Jon Peatfield <J.S.Peatfield@dont-contact.us>
Date: Wed, 12 Feb 1997 04:17:37 +0000

My cache (1.1.5) has as a parent a Netscape 2.5 proxy. If I attempt to fetch
an ftp URL like:


all is fine. If I attempt to fetch:


then my cache seems to actually ask for


This results in the NS proxy replying with a 302 redirect, my access.log gets:

 855719577.938 6050 TCP_MISS/302 382 GET
ftp://ftp.funet.fi/pub - TIMEOUT_FIRST_PARENT_MISS/wwwcache0.hensa.ac.uk

Now I know that if I do ask this parent for this without the / I do get a
redirect, but with the / it gives the correct result.
(Sending a 302 is better than having both return the same result, as we don't
end up with 2 copies in the cache).

Is Squid losing the trailing /? Why doesn't my browser obey the 302 and go
into a loop (does it detect loops)? (I'm tired, maybe I'm missing something).

Aha! in url.c:urlParse() is the section:

    /* remove trailing slashes from FTP URLs */
    if (protocol == PROTO_FTP) {
        t = urlpath + strlen(urlpath);
        while (t > urlpath && *(--t) == '/')
            *t = '\0';

is this there for any reason, or is it just to stop Squid working with a
NetScape parent?

If ftpget needs the / stripping, then it should be done there, not in

I *almost* sent off an e-mail complaining about that stupid NS cache again (it
has been playing up a bit), but for once it is correct and Squid seems to be
wrong (unless there is a standard I'm not aware of, in which case NS are

 -- Jon
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