Re: ftpget and 302

From: Jon Peatfield <>
Date: Fri, 14 Feb 1997 00:18:39 +0000

I was worrying about trailing / being removed in ftp URLs. as a test I
removed the code:

    /* remove trailing slashes from FTP URLs */
    if (protocol == PROTO_FTP) {
        t = urlpath + strlen(urlpath);
        while (t > urlpath && *(--t) == '/')
            *t = '\0';

from url.c, and squid seems fine, though there is a risk of a page being
cached twice (with and without the /).

A better solution would be to allow ftpget to return the url it actually ended
up fetching. Then squid can cache this, and send the user a redirect to it if
it doesn't match what we asked ftpget to fetch. Then the squid code will need
(for ftp urls) to check for both the url asked for and that with a trailing /,
and if the / version is cached return a redirect to the cached one.

Does that make sense? Shall I try making the changes to ftpget/squid or will
anyone else who knows the code better try?

 -- Jon
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