Problem with https

From: Peter Olsson <>
Date: Wed, 12 Feb 1997 16:45:05 +0100

We have a firewall with squid 1.1.3.

Inside this firewall we have a machine named dove, also with squid 1.1.3.
This squid has the firewall-squid as parent. Between dove and the firewall
is a heavily used connection, thus the internal squid to reduce load.

When our users use squid on dove, they can't use https becuase of:
The requested URL could not be retrieved
While trying to retrieve the URL:
The following error was encountered:
*DNS name lookup failure
The system returned:
    DNS Domain '' is invalid: Host not found
This means that:
    The named host probably does not exist.

http and ftp to squid on dove works fine. If we use squid on the
firewall, https works fine.

The dove-machine has no external dns, so the errormessage is not
surprising, but normal http works fine, probably because dove
goes to its parent, which collects the information. But why doesn't
it do this with https? Does it have anything to do with:
"http_access deny CONNECT !SSL_ports" in the configuration?
Ie, the firewall-squid doesn't allow https-requests on port 80,
but the dove-squid does use port 80 when talking to its parent?

Can I solve this? How?

Thanks for your time!

Peter Olsson
Received on Wed Feb 12 1997 - 08:02:06 MST

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