Re: virus scanning by squid?

From: Don Rolph <>
Date: Wed, 12 Feb 1997 13:34:46 -0500

Actually in my experience virus via the web occur only under these
     1) download of files to be stored locally
     2) invoking helper apps (primarily Microsofot office apps) which
            support macro type viruses

I have never seen an HTML page or gif/jpeg file which was a virus, and
cig scripts if the input is properly checked are of only modest risk.

So what is the goal here, given the small number of issues, alomost all
of which are associated with nonstandard web pages?

ron nash wrote:
> A constant problem with web sites are viruses. Is there a way
> to configure squid to virus scan proxied pages. What I would
> like to see is a way to specify this by file type (.doc .exe. zip
> for example).
> Ron

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