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Date: Thu, 13 Feb 1997 16:15:00 +1100

We are looking for the same solution, too.

As an ISP and a cost tied up with the data volume, connecting everyone to a
Squid can save us a lot potentially. However, some people just insist on
not using the proxy while others simply do not know how to set up the
proxy. A way to redirect all their HTTP and FTP requests automatically to
the Squid shall be beautiful.

In the same direction, does anyone know of any program that can cache NNTP
traffic. So instead of doing a full news feed everyday, we can feed only
what the users want and still present the full news group from out upstream
service provider.

Thank you very much for you help,


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> From: Tim Carlier <>
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> Subject: Help w/ Transparent Caching
> Date: Thursday, 13 February 1997 12:44
> Hi All,
> In the Squid FAQ, it talks about Transparent Caching so we don't have to
> alter user's browser settings (good for our users). I'm new to the
> ipfwadm rules, but it doesn't seem exactly clear how to redirect queries
> to the proxy cache - e.g. a simple situation consisting of 3 machines in
> a mini network:
> - Firewall/Mail machine w/ IP forwarding + ipfw'ing rules
> - Proxy Cache machine running only Squid
> - Terminal Server with xx modems
> Say there are these 3 machines, and I want to redirect all your usual
> squid traffic - http/ftp etc via the cache instead. Where in the ipfw
> rules does the proxy machine get a mention - or how does data from ports
> 80 etc on the firewall get redirected to the cache? I get the
> accept/reject rules, but don't see how the actual redirection takes
> place. Either I'm stupid or it needs a little extra clarification. Can
> you assist with some extra rules to help me setup transparency for
> http/ftp etc please?
> If worse comes to worse, I'll just block port 80 altogether on the
> firewall and force users to set a proxy, but god help the support calls!
> Any better suggestions?
> --
> Tim Carlier
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