cached files don't transfer

From: Christoph Kukulies <>
Date: Thu, 13 Feb 1997 16:10:00 +0100 (MET)

Netscape 3.0

I ftp'ed one big file (15MB SP40_NT) from yesterday.
For some reason I don't know the transfer didn't complete.

That was done without cache_host enabled. My squid (1.1.4 BTW) runs in a
local network behind an ISDN dialup connection.

Today I wanted to fetch that file again. The transfer started and
after some 2 to 3 MB were transfered at ISDN rate (7.2 KB/s) the
Filetransfer finished (as if it would have transfered all bytes,
no error message).

After that I entered a cache host entry and restarted the transfer.
This time and the subsequent times the transfer went at 440 KB/s,
obviously from the cached file). I repeated the four to five times.
Each time no attempt was made to fetch the rest of the file
from the network. I removed the cache_host entry again and restarted

What can I do about it? Is there a way to flush the cache? E.g.
send suiqd a signal to cause it flush the cache?

Could it be that the original - which was fetched from the
german microsoft site - was incomplete itself?

Are there known probleme with situations like the one described,
that is when a transfer doesn't get completeted or is interrupted abnormally
that then the cached file is take as if it were complete?

Chris Christoph P. U. Kukulies
Received on Thu Feb 13 1997 - 07:20:20 MST

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