Re: Accel forwarding and cgi's?

From: TTSG <>
Date: Thu, 13 Feb 1997 09:30:57 -0500 (EST)

> Hi,
> > We've set up a situation where we want to use squid to cache
> > for us, but not things like cgi-bin/mhtml/shtml/php . However, it seems
> > that when a request for a CGI is processed, its getting passed to the server
> > and not passing the information about REMOTE_HOST and such correctly. Am
> > I missing something?
> I have tested it. We use a Squid-1.1.5 at our campus ( and a
> parent using Squid-1.1.4 ( and I tested a URL that is
> retrieved thru these two proxies.
> The result of the test-cgi script which is part of the Apache distribution
> is as follows:
> CGI/1.0 test script report:
> Of course, the remote host variable is set to the settings of the child
> cache, but this is normal.
        But then all security type features relating to domain names and/or
ip addresses from either scripts or servers (allow/deny) are useless, correct?
Isn't this a major problem for people running accel's?
> > The other issue I see is with .htaccess protected files. How does
> > the system handle those?
> These are proxied but not cached.
        I'm only talking accel, so your saying the system will need to
re-get these pages constantly anyway, right?

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