Re: Makeing squid smart

From: Kevin Littlejohn <>
Date: Fri, 21 Feb 1997 04:56:04 +0800

This idea sounds very similar to a story I heard floating around about one
version of Microsoft's proxy server (ugly little beast that that is)
cacheing an entire site when someone hit it, and hence causing great pain
for the (often) small IAP at the other end.

I suppose one level would make a small amount of sense, but you'd have to
be _very_ careful - maybe one level, no more than x links per page, with x
being about 10 or 15 - the last thing you need is for someone to hit a
_major_ links page :)

Oh, and thank you to the person who produced the transparent proxy server.
I've already put it in place in one site in front of the aforementioned
braindead (commercial!) MS proxy server, which doesn't understand siblings,
and it's working a treat :)

> I have something I'd like to do with squid and I thought someone be able
> to tell me if it's possible and how to get started. What I would like to
> do is once someone has requested a page through the cache have squid
> follow the links on that page by itself (I think going one level would be
> fine. I think that this would give me a pretty good chance of already
> having in the cache where the user is going next. Suggestions?
> Thanks in advance.
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