Re: Makeing squid smart

From: Brian Denehy <>
Date: Fri, 21 Feb 1997 17:34:52 +1100

| I have something I'd like to do with squid and I thought someone be able
| to tell me if it's possible and how to get started. What I would like to
| do is once someone has requested a page through the cache have squid
| follow the links on that page by itself (I think going one level would be
| fine. I think that this would give me a pretty good chance of already
| having in the cache where the user is going next. Suggestions?
This is probably not a good idea. If you don't believe so, set up a Harvest
gatherer and let it loose with this algorithm. Have a lot of disk space
available. (especially if there's a reference to a gopher somewhere as a link)


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