From: Support <>
Date: Fri, 21 Feb 1997 10:04:37 +1100

I have this error message on the console:

squid[1735]: storeGetMemSpace stats:
squid[1735]: 0 objects locked in memory
squid[1735]: 0 LRU candidates
squid[1735]: 0 were purged
squid[1735]: 0 were released
squid[1735]: WARNING: Exceeded 'cache_mem' size (nnnnnK > 20480K)
squid[1735]: Perhaps you should increase cache cache_mem?

The message repeats several times with the value of nnnnnK increases every
time until it reaches 30100K. Then the squid exited on signal 6.

I have already increased the 'cache_mem' from 16M to 20M. It does not fix
the problem. It only allows the value of nnnnnK to grow larger before the
squid exited. The working environment is

6x86 P-166+, 64MB, FreeBSD 2.1.6, Squid 1.1.6

Thank you very much,


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