Re: squid-users-digest Digest V97 #42

From: Andreas Reeh <>
Date: 21 Feb 1997 01:43:00 +0200

Hi *Squiders*,

you wrote on 20 Feb 97 at 00:51 in /mailinglisten/squid-digest
in "squid-users-digest Digest V97 #42":

> I am debating with my self how to set up the new directory structure on a
>new cache I am building....

I have the same problem now for 2 new caches and could need some help,
too! :)

It would be very great if the FAQ / documentation would contain detailed
info about this, perhaps with some example configurations.

> I is a 4 gig disk.. and was wondering if anyone could recomend a good
>directory structure for this disk for the use with squid ..

my cache A will have 2 * 3 GB disks und cache B will have 1 * 3 GB disk.

 For cache A I must say:
  cache_swap 6000
  cache_dir /var/disks/d3
  cache_dir /var/disks/d4

 For cache B I must say:
  cache_swap 3000
  cache_dir /var/disks/d3

Is this correct ?!?

> i.e. the swap level 1
> swap level 2
> objects per bucket

Yes, this is something where I am completely helpness :-(
I read the comments in the .config file and the release notes, but I did
not understand much I think :(

Do I need to change something on this parameters ? If yes why or what
would this be good for?

>and average object size ..

same here. I need that the average size (1,4 GB / number of Objects) on my
"old" 1,4 GB cache is 14 KB.

Should I adjust this in the new caches to this number?

What will all this many parameters do, it has to do with the structure of
the sub cachedirs ?

> I havent done much experimenting with these figures ... So I am hoping
>someone may have
>.. Or perhaps knows a little more about these parameters than me and could
>help me out..

I hope so to...

And, what I am very interessted in, too: I need to to a mke2fs for all my
new cache disks, so what would be the best number for inode ? (1024, 2048,
4096, 8192 ?)
I know my average obj. size, but I think most objects will be small and
the average size is only pushed so high by some big ftp objects. So how
can I find out what objectsize is the most used ? (does anybody have a
script for this perhaps?)

In hope of some helpfull and easy to understand an fast (need to install
one of the caches tomorrow) answers,


ps: many, many TIA !

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