Cache hit ratio?

From: Paul Norton <>
Date: Tue, 25 Feb 1997 08:22:58 +1100

Hi All,

We are using squid-1.1.5 and it works wonderfully. The cache is currently
set up as a stand alone cache with 250MB disk space. It services public dial
up clients on a couple of dozen dial in lines.

The current hit ratio on the cache is 30% which we are pleased with, but I
was would like to hear what sort of hit ratio other people offering public
dial are getting. If we doubled the cache size to 500MB what sort of hit
ratio might we expect (I realize that the law of diminishing returns applies

I am also interested to know what hit ratio we may expect if we joined a
hierachy of caches also used by other ISP's.

TIA to all who reply.


-- Paul Norton
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