Re: Cache hit ratio?

From: Ed Knowles <>
Date: Tue, 25 Feb 1997 14:11:46 -0400

G'day Merv!

Is this the order you have them in squid.conf?

Squid will take the first refresh_pattern that it matches ... so the protocol
things should be last. You don't need a cgi-bin entry if you have it in
cache_deny. The '.' pattern matches everything, and you also have that before
your specific type patterns.

As most lines are the same, I would use a '.' refresh_pattern, as it will
drastically reduce the number of checks ... even though most if your objects
will be caught by the first refresh_pattern as you currently have it.

Given what you have posted, you may be just as well off with:

refresh_pattern . 240 50% 43200

though a specific refresh for gif and jpeg may be a good idea, as one assumes
they remain unchanged longer than html.

Even more HIT's can be gained by using a redirector for popular large objects.


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