Re: FTP type proposed solution..

From: Trevor Paquette <>
Date: Tue, 25 Feb 1997 07:50:15 -0700

Not really.. 256 bytes times 100 files = 25,600 bytes.. Less then 25k. I'm
willing to live with that.

But you can't do that with Netscape/MS IE can you? Can you ftp MANY files
at a time? I don't know how with either broswer.. so it is not an issue for

On Feb 25, 13:34, Ong Beng Hui wrote:
> Subject: Re: FTP type proposed solution..
> > if you cannot find a MIME type from the above.. extract the first X bytes
> > from the file. Scan the bytes looking for a character with the high bit
> There will be some performance problem with this method.
> For instance, if someone were to check the directory of a
> large ftp archive with 100 files, you will have to download
> 100 * x bytes and fire up 100 connections.
>-- End of excerpt from Ong Beng Hui

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