Re: Memory usage Squid ... or how to limit it...

From: Stephane Bortzmeyer <>
Date: Wed, 05 Mar 97 14:43:00 +0100

On Wednesday 5 March 97, at 13 h 3, the keyboard of
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> I'm having a problem with the memory usage of Squid (v1.1.6 and
> v1.1.8) on our Top-level Web caching server (an AlphaServer-4000 with
> Digital Unix v4.0a).

We run Squid 1.1.5 on an AlphaServer 1000 (320 megabytes of RAM) with DU
4. cache_mem is 40, cache_swap is 14000. The machine is devoted to Web
caching and it works fine (Squid is currently 310 megabytes in size).

> What can I do to minimize the memory usage of Squid?? May it be better

Replace DEC's malloc with GNU malloc. Huge gain.

> to have no memory cache at all and to have Squid fetsh all the files from
> disk ??

Be sure to first query Squid about its usage of memory. For instance,
what does "info" on the cache manager does?

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The above address is the cause of all of your trouble :-)
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