Auto position curcor in cachemgr.cgi

From: Merv Connell <>
Date: Mon, 10 Mar 1997 13:26:57 +0000

Could the HTML code that is generated for the initial Cache Manager
Interface be modified as below.

This simple piece of javascript will automatically position the cursor
in the hostname field, so that I no longer have to select it via a
mouseclick. This should work for any Netscape 2.02 or better or MSIE 3.0
or better (or worse?).

3 things to do:-

        1. Add the function within the HEAD tag
        2. Add the onLoad attribute to the BODY tag.
        3. Give the form a NAME via the NAME attribute in the FORM tag.


<TITLE>Cache Manager Interface</TITLE>
<script language="javascript">
function setfocus(){;

<BODY onLoad="setfocus()">

<FORM NAME="cache" METHOD="POST" ACTION="/cgi-bin/cachemgr.cgi">

.ps feeling lazy.

Merv Connell
Information Technology Division.  CQU   Ph. 61 79 309222 Fax. 61 79
Received on Sun Mar 09 1997 - 19:47:15 MST

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