Strange redirecting problem

From: Petri Kejonen <>
Date: Tue, 11 Mar 1997 22:51:57 +0200 (EET)

 I've been using the Squid 1.1.8 for a few days now and just today I
noticed some strange behaviour with FTP. If I use WWW browser to connect
to some anonymous site, I get the directory listing (normally root), but
if I try to browse the directories further (for example with Netscape) I
get this kind of notice:


  This document has moved to a new location. Please update....


 And the location is a link to the same directory I was going to... With a
text based browser (lynx) it just tries to redirect, until I get the limit
of 5 URLs.

 My squid cache uses one or two neighbor (parent/sibling) caches and they
both run the last "public harvest" version 1.4pl3, not squid.

 This is a new problem and I don't think I have changed anything in the
configs of my proxy. I don't directly run the neighbor caches, but there
shouldn't be any changes there either.

 I also tried to downgrade to 1.1.5, but with similar results.

 System is Linux with kernel version 2.0.28.

 Any help finding the solution ?



Petri Kejonen
Received on Tue Mar 11 1997 - 13:04:57 MST

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